On one of my visits to Chikamagalur – Karnataka, for mentoring students, gave me a different experience when I interacted with the school kids of the district. A student of Grade 10 raised her hand during the question and answer session. I was expecting a question, but she had a request, when she came up with the request I went through with two experiences. One I appreciated the guts of this girl standing among 500-600 students and second felt guilty when I heard her request.

I quote the girl “Sir, I wouldn't have asked a question earlier, but your workshop has given me this confidence that I could stand and request everyone in the hall today not to ill-treat students from rural government schools". This question of hers shook me out my senses then made me think on how important it is that we cater to students of rural areas. It prompted me to visit various schools in remote areas and guide the kids towards a better tomorrow. Guiding and Career Management involves assessing the current situation and making informed decisions about the future. It requires reflection - thoughtful assessment of a personality, the situations and the action – which deliberate movement toward selected goals.