My Story

“There are experts better than Me but, I am the Best & I am the Boss at the place where I am standing”.

My opinion and ideas have revolutionized many educational institutions around the globe. I have worked at different positions in various institutions across the country to be at a place where I'M standing today. It all began when I grabbed the opportunity of being a teacher way back in 1991. A humble beginning it was –a salary of Rs. 450/- is what I earned at the end of the month and I never knew how to spend it.

My journey as teacher had begun and took me through struggle and various paths to understand the true spirit of teaching ultimately increasing my passion. It took me some time to realize teaching was in my blood as my grandfather was also a teacher. Walking through the path I have always believed in Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) words “Acquire knowledge and impart it to the people”. I wish that I keep learning till my last breath and share everything before I depart.

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